Update March 2

These are the end of the day photos from work on March 2.  The color you see on the master cabinets and doors is the first coat of enamel for the cabinets and is being used as the base coat for the Garrison House Green that is used on the doors throughout.  You see in the Games Room that the previously painted enamel is now covered in preparation for painting the crown moulding and door casings.  We will also cut back the carpeting and paint the base boards.

Update March 1

Here are the photos taken March 2 at the start of the day.  It was too dark at the end of the day on March 1.

Update Feb 26

More sanding and prep work for the painters today.  Saturday we start spraying enamel.  You can see on the photos below that even after the first round of touch up to dents and dings, there is still more that happens after the priming occurs.

The tile setters finished laying the Master Bath floor today at 5:45 and will be back at 9:00 am to do the grouting of the Master Bath.  The painters will start in there on Monday.  The painters will begin spraying first enamel coats on Saturday morning.  They arrive at 7:45.  The first tile photo was earlier in the day.  The second after all the tile had be laid.

The color rendering on the photos isn't good (the floor isn't anywhere near that dark or green).

Just to reinforce how right you were to be away during the process, I thought I would show you what the rest of the house looks like.

Tough to negotiate around with all the zipper doors and plastic everywhere for sure!

Update Feb 25

The Painters have begun spraying the primer on the darker doors and cabinetry upstairs.  As of about 30 min ago they have started spraying the House White enamel as well.  Everything will look so fresh.  Especially once the new darker carpet is installed.

The tile work in the master shower is complete and will next be grouted.  The shampoo niche is especially handsome.

Inset tiled drain is shown here.

Note the Caesar Stone shelf. 

The back of the shampoo niche and the floor will get the darker grout and the walls will get the lighter grout.

Things are coming along nicely.  Every minute is packed between now and our March deadline.  You asked when would be a good time to return.  I will have the house ready to give back to you on the 26th or the 27th.  I will know which as we get closer.

Paint Colors Guest Room

I tried a sample of the Fired Brick for the Guest Room and it is actually  not at all attractive in a sleeping space of that size.  I have done a speedy photoshop to illustrate what I mean.

You may want to wear sunglasses while you look at this.

So what is a good alternative.  The warm colors that are in the rest of the house certainly work but is it too much of the same?  That is a question that you would be able to answer best.  We could do the room in the Stampede (which is the darker of your warm wall colors).  We would then do the wall behind the draperies and around the shutters in an even darker shade of the same.  These would be warm and friendly colors.

Or we could do the room in a warm gray which plays nicely with the bathroom wall paper and then paint the wall around the draperies in the deepest green we can find that works well with the emerald in the draperies.  The warm gray would be quite elegant especially paired with lamps in a warm metal and you just happen to have some of those.


Update: Feb 24

Work continues with more sanding, filling and caulking upstairs. You can see the red spots of filler that they use to correct the dints and dings in the woodwork.  In the Guest Room you see the doors and drawers for the Master Bathroom.  We worked late yesterday to prime the cabinetry in the master bath in anticipation of the counter tops being installed today.  The tile work is continuing.  We hope to have additional tile installers to start laying floor tiles tomorrow while the other team works in the shower.  The color rendering in the photos isn't good but the shower looks amazing.  The installers are doing a beautiful job.  We will cut back and prep the tiny bit of base that is hidden by the carpet just before we spray enamel.  They mask off the walls to prevent paint build up while spraying.   Rather than disturb with wiring and equipment in the larger Guest Bedroom closet, unless you indicate otherwise, I have asked them not to paint inside.  More Thursday!

Update: Feb 17

Today the painters continued their prep work upstairs.  We have also covered the pool table with plastic and cardboard to insure its safety.  The tile man has gotten the mud installed in the pan and more hardiboard done.  The crown moulding (new) is going up in your bath room and here is a shot of your handsome tub awaiting its trip from the garage.  There isn't a good place to hold it while being carried so we are doing it Thursday when we have 5 or 6 men there that can help.

In thinking about color for the Guest Bedroom, there are a couple ways to go:  The most conservative is to paint the entire room Brandon Beige.  The next step up is to paint the wall behind the draperies Fired Brick and the other walls Brandon Beige.  Or we can run wild and paint the entire room Fired Brick.  What do you think?


Update: Feb 16

Today the Tape and Bed men continued, the tub and tub filler were delivered and your new cabinetry was installed.  The tile was delivered and tomorrow they will go to work on the hardi-board and filling the shower pan.  Templates for the counter tops will be made Wednesday.  I will also place the tub and tub filler.  I will send you a photo for your approval so if it is convenient to have you phone handy to review, that would be a big help so I can get the plumbers on the location of the drain and supply right away.


Update Feb 15

Today was another good day.  The tape, bed and texture men were there working on the walls, the plumbers installed the shower pan and began the relocation of the drain and supply lines for the tub, the painters came to get the final okay on paint colors and will start the second floor painting prep work Tuesday.  The Tile men are due to start in the Shower Wednesday.  We are setting your new cabinets on Tuesday as well.  You may notice that there is  no bench in the shower.  Not to worry.  The correct way to build that is to put it on top of the pan and then put more pan material on top and on the front of the bench.  Most waterproof that way.

And your make up stool arrived but my hands were so dirty that I didn't want to open it.  Will do Tuesday.


Feb 13 - Window Treatment Questions

We have three sets of windows to dress.  The single in Connor's Room which I imagine as panels on rings to each side of the shutters is the first to discuss.  I think that a deep green that is more yellow than blue would be handsome with the Stampede 979 wall color.  I wish the colors showed better on the photos but such is technology.

For Caroline's room, we have a full wall to do behind the bed that will be on a traverse rod hung just below the crown moulding.  There are two ways to go there.  One is a soft green that works well with the Bath wallpaper and a soft blue that also works.  We have another choice to make in her room.  We can go with  the Coastal Fog color (as in John's office) or we can do it a little lighter version of that same Fog color.  Or we can do to a "color" but that decreases the "punch" of the drapery accent wall.  We could do a creamy white to match the trim but that is less attractive with her mirrored chest.  Each of these colors is a bit softer than the photo shows.  For the draperies a simple and full pinch pleat would be my recommendation.

For the master bath we should use a faux Roman Shade as a valance on the top of each glass block window.  Again, installing it almost at the crown moulding and having it come just to the bottom side of the upper jamb on the window.  Here is an example below.

There are two good fabric choices that keep things lux and monochromatic.  One is a silver and the other is a pewter color.  Thoughts?

Your feedback on your valance choices then tells me which way to go with the cabinetry color in your bathroom.  We would go mid-tone with the silver and a bit darker on the pewter but still lighter than the Lagos Caesarstsone counter top.

Update Feb 12

Another beautiful day...sunny and windy.  The plumbers completed the shower work and all the "in the wall plumbing" for the vanities.  The AC condensate has been relocated to Lori's new sink location.  The walls in the John/Connor baths have been floated and all Caroline's walls are now stripped and ready to be floated.  The shower framing is complete and the new sheetrock has been hung.  The drywall finishers have started.  Busy, busy, busy.  

Update Feb 11

Today the wallpaper men have nearly finished the first round of prep which includes floating the green walls upstairs and removal of all loose paper.  They will be back Friday to finish up.  The electricians have completed their rough in work.  Note the new shower lights.  The plumbers are almost finished with the work in the walls and will finish that on Friday morning.  We will also find out if we can get the sheetrockers in to hang the new rock.  Once the plumbers are finished in the shower we can pour the new concrete.  The tub is due to arrive friday and one we have it in our hands we can rough in the plumbing for the tub and tub filler.  I will send photos via text when we have it in place for your approval.  That's the news for Thursday!

Update Feb 10

Today it was.....framers, plumbers, electricians, hvac man and the wallpaper hangers (removers).  The new fans were  installed, and 90% of the new lighting/wiring run.  The shower drain has been relocated and the wall partially framed.  The big opening you see is the overall size of the shampoo recess.  It will be divided into a 4" tall top section and the balance (about 14" below).  There is still a "return" to put on the wall which becomes the place were the robes will be hung and the towels await whoever is in the shower.  Most of the wall paper is down and they have started skimming the rough texture off the green walls in the John/Connor baths.  The plumbers are moving water lines for the vanities today and will work on the shower water lines Thursday.  We hope to have the sheetrock up on Friday.  It looks like you have had a massive Super Bowl party where the guests never left with 7 trucks out front!


That's all for today!

PS: we will be replacing all the insulation on those exterior walls that we are removing for the plumbing and electrical work.


Update Feb 9

Demolition of the Master Bath and more wallpaper removal today!

Dust Control Chamber

First load of debris.....

On a side note: we do keep the gate closed to avoid bicycle theft.

On a side note: we do keep the gate closed to avoid bicycle theft.

More wallpaper says good bye!

And Just for Fun...

Suggest Light for Lori's Office Bath

As shown, we can install up or down.  I would hold it up there and see which looks best.  The current fixture aims down but the light is fairly dim.  If we aim the lights up and use 75 watt LED equivalents then we can get a good deal more light in the room and really enjoy the tall ceiling.  Thoughts?  We would use the satin nickel finish.

Cabinet Hardware Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for cabinet knobs and pulls in the areas we are renovating.  

Caroline's Bath (Satin Nickel)

John/Connor Shared Bath (Black Nickel)

Master Bath (Polished Chrome)

Lori's Office Bath (Stain Nickel)

Pool Table Desk (Satin Nickel)

Guest Bedroom Bath (Satin Pewter)


Here are the chairs for the Family Room.  They are in the color of the ottoman which is shown (but not part of the order).  As always, click to enlarge.

Master Bath

Note: the photos show some satin nickel but actually all the fixtures are chrome.  The rain head is oval.


Here are suggested materials/furnishings for Connor's bedroom and bath.