Update Feb 26

More sanding and prep work for the painters today.  Saturday we start spraying enamel.  You can see on the photos below that even after the first round of touch up to dents and dings, there is still more that happens after the priming occurs.

The tile setters finished laying the Master Bath floor today at 5:45 and will be back at 9:00 am to do the grouting of the Master Bath.  The painters will start in there on Monday.  The painters will begin spraying first enamel coats on Saturday morning.  They arrive at 7:45.  The first tile photo was earlier in the day.  The second after all the tile had be laid.

The color rendering on the photos isn't good (the floor isn't anywhere near that dark or green).

Just to reinforce how right you were to be away during the process, I thought I would show you what the rest of the house looks like.

Tough to negotiate around with all the zipper doors and plastic everywhere for sure!