Paint Colors Guest Room

I tried a sample of the Fired Brick for the Guest Room and it is actually  not at all attractive in a sleeping space of that size.  I have done a speedy photoshop to illustrate what I mean.

You may want to wear sunglasses while you look at this.

So what is a good alternative.  The warm colors that are in the rest of the house certainly work but is it too much of the same?  That is a question that you would be able to answer best.  We could do the room in the Stampede (which is the darker of your warm wall colors).  We would then do the wall behind the draperies and around the shutters in an even darker shade of the same.  These would be warm and friendly colors.

Or we could do the room in a warm gray which plays nicely with the bathroom wall paper and then paint the wall around the draperies in the deepest green we can find that works well with the emerald in the draperies.  The warm gray would be quite elegant especially paired with lamps in a warm metal and you just happen to have some of those.