Update Feb 10

Today it was.....framers, plumbers, electricians, hvac man and the wallpaper hangers (removers).  The new fans were  installed, and 90% of the new lighting/wiring run.  The shower drain has been relocated and the wall partially framed.  The big opening you see is the overall size of the shampoo recess.  It will be divided into a 4" tall top section and the balance (about 14" below).  There is still a "return" to put on the wall which becomes the place were the robes will be hung and the towels await whoever is in the shower.  Most of the wall paper is down and they have started skimming the rough texture off the green walls in the John/Connor baths.  The plumbers are moving water lines for the vanities today and will work on the shower water lines Thursday.  We hope to have the sheetrock up on Friday.  It looks like you have had a massive Super Bowl party where the guests never left with 7 trucks out front!


That's all for today!

PS: we will be replacing all the insulation on those exterior walls that we are removing for the plumbing and electrical work.