Update: Feb 24

Work continues with more sanding, filling and caulking upstairs. You can see the red spots of filler that they use to correct the dints and dings in the woodwork.  In the Guest Room you see the doors and drawers for the Master Bathroom.  We worked late yesterday to prime the cabinetry in the master bath in anticipation of the counter tops being installed today.  The tile work is continuing.  We hope to have additional tile installers to start laying floor tiles tomorrow while the other team works in the shower.  The color rendering in the photos isn't good but the shower looks amazing.  The installers are doing a beautiful job.  We will cut back and prep the tiny bit of base that is hidden by the carpet just before we spray enamel.  They mask off the walls to prevent paint build up while spraying.   Rather than disturb with wiring and equipment in the larger Guest Bedroom closet, unless you indicate otherwise, I have asked them not to paint inside.  More Thursday!