Update Feb 25

The Painters have begun spraying the primer on the darker doors and cabinetry upstairs.  As of about 30 min ago they have started spraying the House White enamel as well.  Everything will look so fresh.  Especially once the new darker carpet is installed.

The tile work in the master shower is complete and will next be grouted.  The shampoo niche is especially handsome.

Inset tiled drain is shown here.

Note the Caesar Stone shelf. 

The back of the shampoo niche and the floor will get the darker grout and the walls will get the lighter grout.

Things are coming along nicely.  Every minute is packed between now and our March deadline.  You asked when would be a good time to return.  I will have the house ready to give back to you on the 26th or the 27th.  I will know which as we get closer.