Spicewood Texas Renovation: Day Sixteen

Today it was great to see all the completed enamel work in most of the rooms by daylight.  It is so smooth and deeply colored.  New areas such as the Library and the long hall to the Garage are being prepped. In the Hall, all the stone and stucco must be protected as well as the Mahogany cabinetry.

Additionally, it was time to remove the plastic from the windows and the views are really beautiful as you can see from the Master Bath and Master Bedroom photos below.

There are also seemingly countless adjustable shelves, drawers and doors to be installed in the Master Dressing Room and Closets.  Each of the doors you see below will receive glass inserts.

Here are a group of assorted images that my Client may not have seen earlier.  The Library Closet is complete.  The interior is painted the lightest of the color being used in the house.  The Pantry is next which has bright cabinetry, the Bronze base and (will have) Warm Stone colored walls.  The view to the Living Room is next.  An interior shot of an exterior door leading to the West Patio is next.  We also have additional shots of the Master Bath.  The enamel work in the Laundry Room is complete as well as the trim which finishes off the Skylight in the Dressing Room

The game plan includes wrapping prep up in the areas addressed to day so that spraying of primer can occur before bed.  The painters seldom stop before 10:00pm  We expect to start rolling walls and ceilings on Tuesday and Wednesday "if the good Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise".

More soon and all the best!