Spicewood Texas Renovation: Day Fifteen

Lots has been happening at Spicewood.  The painters have been very productive as well as other subcontractors.

The rework of the wall texture in the house has now been wrapped up with spot touches and lots and lots of sanding being complete.  Some of it is rather perilous.


Once the walls in all the rooms except the two which we are using as the "on location" dormitory were complete, the priming of all these areas began.  Using a mid-tone base primer they put the sealer coat on the walls.  This helps to "seal" them and prevent dust from working its way out onto the enamel that was to come. Omar is cutting in the walls to the ceiling in the Master Bedroom below.  To the right you can see the furr down that exists over the bar which divides the Family Room from the Kitchen.  Removing the large beams from this space was absolutely the right choice.

Once the walls and ceilings were primed, the millwork and cabinetry had its turn.  In most of the areas, the enamel is a deep bronze of a deep toned primer is used.  Then the seemingly endless prep work which is so critical to getting a top quality finish continues.  Jose (aptly nicknamed the Sanding Machine is shown doing the first pass over the existing enamel.  Then the millwork (base boards, door and window casings, etc) are examined closely with a high powered light looking for tiny dents and old scratches which are filled with the red filler you see below. This is Isaiah's specialty and very exacting work.  They are then sanded again.  Primer is applied and the areas are ready for the first coat of enamel.

All of the cabinetry in the Pantry is new so it was one of the first areas that was completed (in the enamel stage).  Omar is installing the adjustable shelves and cabinet doors (which will be outfitted with clear glass) below. After this was completed, the cabinets were covered so the contrasting base could be painted.  The same procedure was followed in the new Master Closet since the backs of the wardrobe cabinets are enameled in a color to match the walls while the cabinets themselves are all finished in Bronze.

I should mention that the painters wear "whites" on all our projects unless we are out of town and the Client is not in residence.  They are a very professional bunch of guys.  And not bad singers.

It is Sunday night and I have returned from a few days spent finalizing the upholstered furniture selections, the fabrics and leathers for the project with the Client who is currently staying in Houston while the work is underway.  I left the team here Wednesday afternoon and they really produced while I was away. The enamel work in all the areas of the house with the exception of the Library and the two guest rooms we are using as dorm space has been done.  Pretty amazing.  The iPhone photos taken at night don't do the work justice and I will post more later, but I wanted you to see what they have gotten done.  You may click the image to see them larger and read the captions which identify the space.

The enamel in the Family Room is complete.


The tall and impressive Living Room has also completed the enamel stage.  You can see the doors for the house also being staged here.  As in the other areas similarly finished, the stone walls are draped with yards and yards of clear plastic.

These photos are all awfully dark but better ones will be posted soon.  The house is starting to take shape and as always, I am impatient for the next thing to be wrapped so I can see just how great it is going to be.  It's always very exciting.

All the best!