Day Twenty-six - Seconde Partie: Cousteau Renovation

Now that the enamel is practically complete, it is time to move on the the ceilings, walls and specialty finishes. All of the cabinetry has to be protected as well as the stone walls and paneling.  Hundreds and hundreds of yards of plastic are used to keep drips and overspray away.  You will also see the beginning of trim masking: the process where each inside corner where moulding meets a wall or ceiling requires that special edge grip yet easy to remove bright yellow tape is applied.  Probably seven rolls on a house of this size.  Doesn't sound like that much until you imagine having to apply it all in a very, VERY straight line.  Since we have come almost to the end of any required sanding, Jose is up a ladder masking off skylights.

One of the first things my client said to me was "I like contrasts" so we have no shortage of them here.  They are all the more dramatic since previously the house was a sea of Antique White. The Living Room, Kitchen and Breakfast Room beams all get a wash finish to bring back the woodgrain that had been lost.

The Master Bedroom has the walls, trim and ceiling base coat applied.  It is a bit of cave right now, but once the ceiling goes in and the dramatically colored furnishing are placed, it will be magical.