Day Twenty-Seven: Cousteau Renovation


Today, another material delivery was made by Sherwin Williams.  Omar reminded me that we have used over 70 gallons of enamel, one hundred rolls of tape, 8 huge rolls of builders paper and lots and lots of plastic.  All of this combined with over 60 gallons of paint for walls and ceilings makes for a lot of product going into the project.

Today is "Beams and (some) Ceilings Day" on Cousteau.  Each of the rough Cedar beams that had been painted in the same flat Antique White paint as almost every other surface, received its base coat yesterday.  Today the glazing and wiping begins.  It is quite a transformation.  The crew of three work together to get a good start on the glazing and then will split up, with two of them continuing to glaze while the third covers this completed work and begins to paint the ceilings in the areas where the beams have been treated.