Day Ten: Cousteau Renovations

Work continues with two carpenters, three painters and two hvac installers.

While Dale Buchanan puts the last fittings together for the Entry Hall paneling, the painters Isaiah (L) and Omar (R) follow along close behind caulking inside corners and filling nail head holes.  The nearly finished product at right.  I say nearly as the new Mahogany front door unit will not be completed until next week.  After it is installed, the paneling will be completed on the end wall.  The deep Forest Teal walls, Chateau Gray floors and Russet Mahogany door with side lights will be very handsome.  As aways, click the image to enlarge.  Art lights have been added to highlight the pieces selected to hang here.

Additional carpentry items completed today include the Dining Room paneling,  panel moulding in the East Guest Room, the crown moulding in the Powder Room and the Bar cabinetry.  However the painters moved so quickly that the the doors and drawers were removed before I got a chance to get the shot.  The custom scarf rack has also been completed.  Each bar swings away.  We have also completed the interior of the Guests' Coat Closet.  The closet is almost 6' wide but formerly had only a very small door at one end.  And of course, had only a single rod.  Not any more.  Double doors will make it easy to access and both long and short coats can be accommodated.

With the amount of demolition and rewiring required for this project, there are lots and lots of sheetrock patches.  They are nearly complete in the Tape and Bed stages.  Thursday they will finish the remaining spots and continue with the prep work for painting.  The raised Master Bedroom furr down, the Family Room art niche, Gallery Snakewood Panel niche, the Breakfast Room and a lot of other areas are ready for texture.  Omar is pictured working on the former desk area in one of the four guest bedrooms.

The HVAC guys are continuing on.  Their work is the most difficult.  Working in dark and dirty attic spaces to remove lots of decaying equipment and carrying this material in out of the house via small attic stairways is no fun.  

In our ongoing series "What were they thinking", I noticed while running the shop vac (yes, I like doing that a lot but not nearly so much as pressure washing) I discovered that the marble hearth in the Master Bedroom was actually installed ON TOP OF THE CARPET.  Who on earth does this stuff?

All tidied up and ready for another day! Thursday.....more to come!