Day Five: Cousteau Renovation

Another day of hauling away: mirrors, sheetrock, trim and old carpet.  The Garage is again a tidy spot.

The wallpaper hanger arrived and measured for the wallcovering that will be installed in the Powder Room which is currently done in an animal print.  Not that there is any thing wrong with that.  Just with THIS particular animal print.  I say "animal print" because I don't know if it is meant to be Cheetah or Leopard.  All the sheet mirrors will be removed and crown moulding will be added.

I shouldn't have been surprised but after removing the sewing cabinet and shelving from one of the bedrooms, we again found carpet that had not been removed when the cabinets were installed.  Why oh why do folks do that?

The carpeting has been removed in the hall and three of the bedrooms.  The Master looks better already.

The electricians arrived today but even I don't get excited by photos of wiring so I will spare you that much ;-)

But what is exciting are the progress photos for the custom furniture.  Studio Designs is doing some killer stuff for this project including the walnut side tables above.

They also completely rebuilt a stock chair and outfitted it with a great leather, cushions and leg finishes.

The joinery on this console is beautiful.  The material is 250 year old French Oak reclaimed from a barn.  The dowels are Walnut.  Seriously handsome.  The photo shows it drying in the sun.  It is actually a very soft warm gray.

And as a special tease to my Client, here is a progress shot of the custom built Walnut bed hand turned and carved in California.  But no more pictures of it till it is in place.  So no peeking!