Day Six: Cousteau Renovation

The electricians were up and at it early today.  So much for them to do.

Just removing the large number of ceiling fans that are getting the heave-ho was a major step.  The also removed all of the old painted recessed can trims and trial fit the LED retro-fit trims to insure that they would all work properly.  It also gave me a chance to finalize the paint color schedule since the colors during the day with reflections from the water and the colors at night solely lit by the fixtures is very, very different.

It's not a "look" but any means, but by removing all the old fans that the surface mount lights that are not being retained we can touch up the sheetrock and insure that everything gets painted properly.

They also got the electrical installed for the large chandelier that will be hung in the Living Room.  We can't call it the Great Room yet.  They have also installed the boxes for the sconces in the new Blue Guest Room (meaning the walls not depressed friends), the pendants for the Master Bath, the art lights in the Entry.  About 2/3 of the list is done.

Later today the stone mason arrives to evaluate the mail box situation.  More on Thursday!