Durango Renovation - Day Twenty Five

Cabinetmaker down! 

Actually Dan is installing the new angled end panel on the island.  You can also see the the new inserts have been installed to replace the fluted pilasters that flanked the corner cabinet for the sink.

Dan installs the new angled end panel.

Matt continued work on the wine cabinet.  The insert which will hold bottles now can be removed in the future to allow for the installation of a wine refrigerator.    Robert, the electrician, also came today so we were able to cut in the LED lights that will light the interior of the display cabinet.  We will install glass shelves and glass doors as well.

Matt installs the base cabinet level and plumb.

All of the hinges have been installed on the cabinet boxes.  Wednesday the doors will have the hinges mortised in place.

The drawer fronts have also been installed on the new wide drawers, the drawer below the microwave and the kitchen trash bin.  It is a tricky thing to retrofit them into the openings.  I mentioned earlier that we remade the dummy fronts that had been installed on the sink bases.  This was done so that we could "harvest" the cabinet pulls that had been installed on the old fronts.

The electrician installed all but one of the ceiling fans.  The last one requires a 20' ladder.  He will return with a helper on Wednesday to work on the chandeliers and the lighting for the display cabinets.

The new lights were also installed in the Observatory.

Last but not least the shelves were all installed today as well.  I will start unpacking the food we removed from the old pantry on Wednesday.  Once that is complete we can confirm there are enough shelves.  if not, more can be made quickly.  You can also see that the hinges have been added to the cabinet that goes over the new refrigerator.  This will keep things looking tidy when the door to the walk in pantry is open.

Much more on Wednesday!  It is supposed to start snowing tonight and continue for the next five days!  Snow pictures forthcoming soon.