Durango Renovation - Day Twenty Six

Another day of carpenters and electricians with some furniture delivery thrown in for good measure.

The electricians completed the installation of the fans, the hanging fixtures, the sconce in the Guest Suite as well as the chandeliers for the Entry and Dining Room.  They also adjusted the dedicated circuit which was previously used by the trash compactor to serve the new microwave.  The island outlets have been installed as well.  The led lights for the two display cabinets are also now complete.  Tape LEDs were used in the smaller cabinet and 4" LED cans in the large cabinet over the wine storage bin.

You can see the LED tape lights in the cabinet above.  The doors were installed and removed to be taken back to the shop to have the glass installed.  The stops and catches will be installed on Thursday as well as the cabinet pulls.  The cabinet below will also have glass doors.  We will use glass shelves with an oak edge detail.

We have also replaced the old rope light which had been installed in a high cove in the Living Room.  Long sections were burned out and the color was bad.

Lots of "at work" shots below. 

The headboard for the Guest Suite was delivered today as well as the new bed for the Master Bedroom.  The bed is really handsome and far more attractive than the photos show. The wood has a beautiful grain and color.  The mattress was delivered yesterday.

We have a Winter storm warning in effect so nothing much is happening on Wednesday but we expect to know better later in the day what Thursday is going to hold.  The house is looking better and better everyday.