How Tall?

We went out to the site yesterday to place some uprights so that I could be 100% confident of our ceiling heights.  I wanted to be sure that the house was not going to look squatty next to the neighbors and to also give a real feeling for the interior heights of the rooms.  Most of them very closely meet the Golden Mean so I'm happy about that.

This is the view of the house from the far side of Royal Lane at a height of 6'2.  That is about the eye level height of a normal person inside a full size SUV.  The shown height of the Master Bedroom ceiling is about the height of the parapet around the roof of the rooms that have 10' ceilings so you can see how it would relate to the street.

Our lovely model Dale is showing the relative heights of the rooms.  It's a very grand house for sure.  Easily the most handsome in the area.  If we have the very private fence at the front, what do you think about using more glass in the front of the Entry.  It would be frosted if you like.  I ask because I would like to carry the stone that we use on the sides of the porch on into the inside of the entry on the same walls.

Then we would do a cool detail on the wall opposite in a color (Peacock Blue perhaps) that really sets off the Monk painting.