Lighting Fixtures

We have some options on Lighting Fixtures to explore.  


The Camino (round iron style fixture) that you like doesn't blend well with the other hanging fixtures that we considered.  I would recommend that we place one of the large round Camino Fixtures in the middle of the Seating area in the Family Room and one in the very center of the Great Room (centered on the fireplace).  The round fixture doesn't work well over the dining table.  The smaller fixtures that we used over the table at Cousteau are still available but they don't give off enough light even with combined with recessed lights for a Dining Table when the ceilings are as high as they are at the Villa.

We would then use the wire mesh fixture shown below in the Gallery (three of them).  Alternatively, the Camino comes in a 63" diameter and 38" diameter sizes.  We could use one of the large in the Family Room and three of the smaller ones in the Gallery and no hanging fixtures in the Great Room.

With either of these scenes we could use the Sconces that you liked in the Entry.  Or if we use the French Oak console, we can use two tall buffet style lamps as accent lighting rather than a sconce set.

Here we would use the Camino in the center of the Great Room and nothing in the Family room (the room may have lamps depending on what happens with the furniture.  We would use the sconces you liked in the Gallery (one set on each side of each door to the four bedrooms) and have no hanging fixtures.  We will have a lot of indirect light in there at night so the hall will still be lit well enough.  We won't have any hanging fixture over the table.  There is a rectangular version of the Camino but we I would hesitate to do that since we don't know the size or the shape of the dining table.


We can eliminate all hanging fixtures in the Great Room, the Family Room and all secondary bedrooms.  We can put boxes in for them (using best judgement for possible future placement) and put them in sometime in the future when the furnishings are established. The fixtures really have to make sense with the furniture and if we select fixtures without furniture then we limit your possible optimal furniture choices. We can still install the fixture we kept from your Cousteau Master Bedroom in the new Master Bedroom.  Or plate that one as well and see how you feel later.  We would only need to select fixtures for the walls outside the garage doors and sconces for the Powder Room.