Based on our discussions, here is the updated bar drawing for approval / modification before I release for the cabinet makers to start on it.

We have 11" deep cabinets at each end with 24" deep cabinets in the center.  This wide center block also contains 6 deep and 3 standard drawers.  Some glassware can be stored on the unlighted shelves along with the liquor.  The balance of the glassware and barware will be stored behind the solid doors to the left and right both above and below the counter top.  Rather than have the entire glass collection showing (which proves really hard to keep clean) I have placed some of it behind doors.  The wine ref and the ice machine both have wood fronts to match the cabinetry.  We will do a decorative tile or stone backsplash.  We could do mirror if you wanted but it means that we will have light bouncing off the mirror which can be problematic.  Let me know your thoughts and I will make any needed modifications, then send it back for your review / approval.