Spicewood Texas Renovation: Day Nineteen

An early wrap day here as the Painters drive back to Dallas on Fridays to spend the weekend with their families before returning Monday morning.  It is seldom that you can catch two of them in the same frame but the photo above was from last night just before they wound things up at 11:00pm

Here is another view of the Master Bedroom giving a slightly better representation of the colors.

The Laundry Room is now complete.  Once the painters wrap, we will have the stone floors carefully cleaned and resealed.

I know other painters will paint the HVAC grills but how many de-gloss and prep them first?

In the event that you hadn't already heard this, never, never use anything than an oil based enamel to paint your metal supply grills.  There is a component in latex paint (however environmentally friendly it is) that encourages mildew and mould to grow on the grills.  It is particularly important in warm climates.

The Dressing Room and adjacent closets are now complete as well.

Here are views of the Family Room which show how much more clean the architecture is of the space now that the beams have been removed.

Now that the plastic wrap is off the the stone, you can get a sense of where I have been going with the house colors.  The image on the left is a pretty good representation.  It is a bit more "green" than real life but close.

And just because I have a thing for Pantries, here is the new one with the paint complete.

The paint is still a bit wet, the walls are not the least bit shiny.

The paint is still a bit wet, the walls are not the least bit shiny.

A big travel week next week between Dallas and Durango but Omar will send along photos so I can keep my Client informed.  Have a great weekend!