Day Twenty-Five: Cousteau Renovations

Lots done on Thursday afternoon and Friday while I headed to Dallas.  While I made a run for some materials, the electricians wrapped up the corrections to the wiring in the attic.  Lots of wires going nowhere and hot wires exposed and laying about.  As I indicated in an earlier post, there was some concern about what might be hiding under the insulation but once it was removed we would be able to complete the evaluation and repairs.

It was very much worthwhile.

Buried in the bottom of one of the topless junction boxes was another fire waiting to happen.  

When large gauge wires are joined together, a type of clamp called a lug is used.  No issue there.  However, if the connection is not tight or the wire properly aligned, the electricity arcs across the open space which generates heat.  You can see the melted covering.  Of course this wire was buried beneath a nest of other wires and insulation.  But with all the work that we have done and the care that has been taken, I can sleep easy knowing that we have addressed every issue we could possibly get access to.  This house has been remodeled and expanded at least twice after the original construction.  Companies One and Three seem to have done a good job.  Company Two.....Not at all.  The issues we have found all seem to relate the the first remodel that was done (post new construction).

But on the "what's pretty" side of the things, The top color coat went on the Dining Room and Entry Paneling.  The earlier photos I had shared showed the colored primer coat.  Well not really a primer, which was light, but the first color coat which we did in a slightly different color which would dry in such a way to provide us with the best possible base for this pigment rich and body poor color coat.  Deep colors often have lots of pigment in them and the colors look thin when they are applied.  But by slightly altering the color, applying it in a differently type of enamel, the color finish coat is slick as glass.  These iPhone pics don't begin to do it justice.

The final coats of enamel are now complete in some areas including the East Hall Bath, Dining Room Cabinetry, Library, Powder Room, North East Guest Room and the East Guest Room.  The color base coat in the Kitchen cabinets is also complete and ready for the Mica glaze work to begin.