One Wall To Rule Them All...

You gotta love the title of this blog post from Steffani Cameron.  It's worth reading for that alone.

Oh, accent walls, how I love thee.
Today, an accent wall makes a lot of sense by offering a budget-friendly way to introduce a great deal of drama in a room without having to tackle the whole room.
As a kid, my first great decorating triumph came by way of an accent wall when my mom let me pick the wallpaper for my room and I got all crazy and asked for an accent wall with pink. It worked. Since then, I’ve been addicted.
I recently wrote about an accent wall project I’ll be doing this fall, which’ll allow me to both have style and flare while hiding my home theatre cables. I’m getting excited about that project. In my last home, my “accent” was a dramatic 25 feet of vibrant fire-red hallway walls in a shade called “Moulin Rouge.” Was it for everyone? No, but it really gave my place that punch I was after.

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