Porch Furnishings (UPDATE)

Here are suggested pieces for the Porch.  You may click images to enlarge.

Here is the modified plan based on your feedback.  After looking at it, I am a bit nervous about having the blue fabric on the sofa, the lounge chairs and the dining chair seats.  Is that too much of the same time?  Maybe do the sofa in Sand as shown with the lounge chairs in the blue and the dining chair seats in blue.  The Sand sofa is also on sale.

The selected fabric

This is a reproduction of a classic dining table.  It is very white and will look very sophisticated.  Colorful placements and whatever accessory we place on the table will really be featured and come to life.

While it is unexpected, warm wood dining chairs (teak) with a weathered wood finish would be handsome.  We can upholster the seats in the same fabric as the sofa and lounge chairs.  

Side Chairs (6)

Working again off the weathered teak would be a cocktail table in with casual lines. 

The lounge chair would match the color of the cocktail table and have the same blue upholstery.

We could use side tables with the sofa (later) if you found that you needed them.