Front Door Options

Here are two different ways we can go:  A set of equal double doors that are 3' wide or one 4' door and a 2' operating or fixed panel.  In either option, the doors will be 8' tall.

The doors can swing in or out.  The most secure doors swing out but that is not typical.  The hinges can be exposed or concealed.

The hardware options are three: wide "U" pull, round bar pull and flat bar pull.  Or we can use a standard lever. as shown on center door.  Click to enlarge.

The piece of wood that hides the gap between the doors is called the astragal.  We can do a concealed astragal (below right) or an exposed astragal (above right).  To have it concealed we will need to make the doors 3" thick.

Here are some additional images to show a bit more.

The doors are available in Mahogany or Oak.  The color samples are shown below, but actual swatches are coming soon.