Porch Furniture 9/8/16

Here is the selection for the back porch pieces.

one sofa, two arm chairs, one coffee table two side tables. one 60" round table and 6 side dining chairs.

Porch Furnishings (UPDATE)

Here are suggested pieces for the Porch.  You may click images to enlarge.

Here is the modified plan based on your feedback.  After looking at it, I am a bit nervous about having the blue fabric on the sofa, the lounge chairs and the dining chair seats.  Is that too much of the same time?  Maybe do the sofa in Sand as shown with the lounge chairs in the blue and the dining chair seats in blue.  The Sand sofa is also on sale.

The selected fabric

This is a reproduction of a classic dining table.  It is very white and will look very sophisticated.  Colorful placements and whatever accessory we place on the table will really be featured and come to life.

While it is unexpected, warm wood dining chairs (teak) with a weathered wood finish would be handsome.  We can upholster the seats in the same fabric as the sofa and lounge chairs.  

Side Chairs (6)

Working again off the weathered teak would be a cocktail table in with casual lines. 

The lounge chair would match the color of the cocktail table and have the same blue upholstery.

We could use side tables with the sofa (later) if you found that you needed them.

Light Fixtures

Here are some suggested surface mount light fixtures for your home:

Pantry (3)

Powder Room (2)

Master Vestibule (1)

Laundry Room (4)

Studio Ceiling (holds three bulbs)

Over Island in Master Closet (2)

Guest Bedroom Closets


Additional Selections


The Chrome with Shade will be in the Entry Hall.  

Master Bedroom Questions

Here is the selected wallpaper for the Master Bedroom Ceiling.  

With the gold ceiling, the saturated colors and the mass of the fireplace all being considered, I think that we might be best served by not having a big decorative feature on the fireplace front.  We could use the concrete colored Neolith cladding for the full face as I have shown below.  Imagine the dark walls, the gold ceiling, the red chest to the right of the fireplace, the lavender chair, the orange settee and your beautiful bed.  Add to that the view and the eye has plenty to see so a simpler fireplace is called for.  The Beton (concrete look material) does have pattern to it.  I have included a full size image below.  Thoughts?

Mailbox and Parcel Drop

Here are the specs on the inserts.

Parcel and Mail Lockers

Here are a couple of items that will accomplish a lot.  We would build both of them into the stucco columns that will frame either the driveway or the front walk.  

Here are direct links to them on the web for cost/details.  We could even put them in a single column with the mail facing the street and the parcel section on the back side.





Cabana (update)

Here are the modified cabana drawings.  I have increased the size of the kitchen.  To maintain a symmetrical facade, I have added an exterior storage closets for pool toys etc so you don't have to take them to the garage.  The shower is on the back side.

Here is a suggestion for the Cabana.  You can see the size as seen from the house.  It has a table that comfortably seats 8.  There is also a bench to allow for seating for shoes and a place to hang wet towels above on hooks.  Purses, etc can go in the openings (baskets) below.  There is a small ref, a 36" gas grill and storage.  The shower is located outside on the west end of the building.  You will be able to speak to guests sitting on the underwater ledge at the front of the cabana or jump in the pool directly from inside the cabana.  Entrance to the building is from the left and right sides.  An 80" television is shown mounted on the back wall.


Sheetrock Progress

The hanging crew is moving along nicely.  We were fortunate in that they had a couple jobs that were not ready on time so we got more than our share of workmen.  They will be pulling some of the men off the job on Friday to start the other projects but we are still moving along nicely.

The Gallery

Family Room (North)

Family Room South

Master Bedroom Ceiling

The Great Room