Acheron Farm Renovations


The men have arrived to install the furnace and a/c unit.  The furnace is being placed on the platform shown below.  This will allow us to installed better return air to the unit and no longer have a large single grill.  The filter will be changed at the unit.  The unit is much more efficient and less expensive to operate.  The old units were installed 18 years ago.  The old water heater (1987) will be replaced next week when the new one arrives.  

Update: Mark reports that the furnace heated the house up very very quickly.  "I have never been in this house and felt it heat up so fast".  I have ordered very good a/c filters and will have them delivered.  They should be changed every time that government check comes.

The furring strips are being installed in the new kitchen and dining room which will allow us to run the new electrical and insulate the exterior wall.  This also will provide a way to attach the sheetrock.


Although it was done last week, I hadn't included these pictures of the new grader at work. The road looks great.  We will need to add more gravel to the alley road.

As you can see from the picture below, the well man has returned to install the new pump, pipe and wire which will lower the the access to water from the current 85' to 170'.  This should give us much better water service.  You can also see that the gray skies of early today have cleared to a beautiful blue.

You may remember the photo on the left from earlier this week.  That was the old pump.  The new one is on the right.  I may drink water now.  The new one runs off 220 volt current and will not have to work as hard making a little less expensive to operate and more durable.

We have WATER!

The old water heater has been re-installed to carry us over till next week when the tankless will arrive.  The furnace is complete with the exception of two additional returns which will also be done next week while I am at the Farm.  The installers wanted to wait on that as well as the thermostat relocation so that they could be placed exactly as I would want them to be.


The well man has arrived.  A day late but better late than never.  They have pulled the pump which was placed at 85' below ground.  As always, you may click the images to view larger.  The well is 180' deep.  We are installing a new pump and putting more pipe to place the pump at 170' which should give us plenty of clean water.  They are also raising the mouth of the well up off the ground.  As you see in the last picture, the opening is only about 1" above the dirt.

The carpenters have also arrive to furr out the walls which allows for insulation on the north exterior wall and for sheetrock to be installed on on the concrete block walls.  All the old paneling has been removed as well as the wall space heater.  We are furring out the walls in the Mud Room.  Because of the thickness of the insulation on the north wall, we will be replacing the exterior window which faces West.  Although the window is new, it is the only window which does not have divided lights.  We will replace it with a window that is the same height but a few inches less wide.  

The former Pantry is now a Mechanical Closet.  It will also have storage.  We are replacing the furnace (which is 20 years old) and raising it off the floor.  This will allow us to have a return air grill in the Dining Room, my Bedroom and run a return air duct to the Master Bedroom.  The filter will be changed there.  The water heater was installed in 1987.  The generally have a 10 year life span.  It is also only a 40 gallon unit.  We are relocating it temporarily but have ordered a tankless water heater.  They are a bit more expensive to purchase but since the only heat the water that is being used (on demand) the unit is much less expensive to run and never ever runs out of hot water even during large family gatherings when 8-10 showers need to be taken each day along with the dishwasher and washing machine.  

Here are five additional photos that the middle brother sent along!  Nice ones too!  We thought about doing a sunken kitchen instead of putting in the floor but then decided against it.

Today the floor framing was completed.  The opening from the new Dining Room has been created.  The plumbing lines for the island and the new gas lines were installed.  The plumbers will return friday to wrap up.  The carpenters will come back in about a week to furr out the walls and install the sub flooring.  The last two photos show the size of the new kitchen and dining room.  Mark mentioned how nice the view was from the front doors into the new dining room.  It will be really handsome.

As you can see below the floor framing is now underway.  The work has begun at the end that used to be the kitchen.  The water and drain lines will be relocated.  The old gas lines that are no longer being used will be removed.  Due to the way in which the old floor was done, we will be installing a double layer of 3/4" plywood for a total of 1 1/2" as subfloor.  The new floor will be stout.

The complete reframing of the kitchen and dining room floor is underway.  After removing the damaged hardwood, we found that the sub-floor was also beyond saving.  Then most of the floor framing had rotted or been eating by termites.  So the room is now a huge empty pit.  New wood will be installed so that the entire floor system is new, strong and safe.  It is a wonder we didn't fall totally into the crawl space.  New gas lines and plumbing lines will be installed on Thursday with the double layer of 3/4" plywood sub-floor being installed friday.

Here are some assorted photos.....

Cabinet hardware for the Kitchen

The top two are for the island and the bottom two are for the other cabinets.  The color in the photos is not a really good representation of the actual color selected.  The top two are actually an antique pewter finish.  The bottom two are a distressed dark chestnut.

Click the images to enlarge and view the captions.

Here is the new Dining Room furniture for the Farm.  The French chairs are in a weathered Oak with distressed Italian leather upholstery that will age well with use.  The chandeliers (2) are in antique bronze with mercury glass (rather than clear) crystals.  The pair of chandeliers are shown in a photo with a different table as an example.  The table is made of recycled Elm.  It is 82" long with two leaves which will allow it to expand to 120" to conformably seat 10.  We have ordered 6 side chairs and 2 arm chairs for now.  I will later order four cane backed chairs with matching leather seats for use with the table in the Living Room.  These chairs can then be mixed in with the Dining chairs for larger groups. You may click on each photo to view larger.

These are the slipcovered pieces for the Living Room seating area.  There are two sofas, one chair and one ottoman.

Here is the update for 7/16/13.  Above is the view of the farm from Scenic Drive.