Highland Park Renovation

Lots of great things happening at the renovation of the 1929 home in Highland Park.  Today we passed the "plumbing rough" inspection as well as the "below floor framing" inspection.   The plumbing rough is where the city inspector confirms that all the plumbing that has been modified that is below the floor level is all correctly done according to the strict codes of the Town of Highland Park.  The below floor framing inspection confirms that the redo of the framing that had been so badly affected by past renovations is now correct.  This will allow us to install the new sub-floor and move ahead with the framing of the Son's Bath.  The Rough Plumbing under the Daughter's bath is also good to go.  Once the subfloor is in, we can install the shower pans (which are about all that is lacking in the plumbing department) and have the valves, risers and above the floor waste lines inspected.

The painters are continuing with their prep work.  The floors in the den are covered, all the stained cabinetry is sanded along with the exterior doors and bookcases.  They will be priming all this woodwork today. 

The electrical work (which is painfully slow) is moving along.  The Daughter's Bath and Closet/Dressing room is complete and most of the Kitchen and Laundry ceiling are roughed in.  The Kitchen requires a lot of work due to the number of lights and the need to place all the wire in conduit.  The work on the outlets will now begin.  This is even tricker since the conduit must be run in channels that are cut into the concrete and plaster that line the walls.  The plaster was placed directly on the structural brick exterior.  

The cabinetry is coming along nicely.  The cabinets for the Laundry Room are complete and have been delivered to the house. The Kitchen cabinets are in production as are the Daughter's Bath cabinetry.  The cabinetry for the Son's bath won't begin until the framing is complete and good measurements can be taken. 

Materials are arriving everyday.  The very special polished nickel faucet for the Kitchen has arrived.  We ordered it with special lever handles but they won't be available for 6-8 weeks.  So we will make due with cross handles until they actually arrive. Many of the other items have arrived as well.  Of all the things selected, the only item we are missing at this point is the proverbial kitchen sink. 

More soon!