Highland Park Renovation

Today the work continued with the framing modifications being made to the badly damaged floor in the Son's Bath, the completion of the framing for the Daughter's Bath and the furring out of the wall in the Laundry Room. 

Parts of this 1920's house are structural brick.  Highly unusual.  The exterior walls are two layers of brick with an air space between them and plaster over a 2-3" thick scratch coat in the interior of the house.  Take a look below.   

This makes the running of electrical and plumb extremely difficult.  The new Laundry Room is located in an area of the house that was once an exterior porch.  It is built over a concrete slab.  The only way to get the plumbing into the space is by relocating an a/c duct in the basement and furring out the wall in the new Laundry Room.  This has been done and the wast lines installed.  The water lines (all copper of course) will be installed on Friday.  

The electricians continued with their demolition.  This may seem to take a lot longer than you might have imagined but with conduit and the countless junction boxes, there is a lot of investigation that much take place for something is removed.  We also mapped out all of the plugs, switches and electrical junctions for each appliance and the rooms themselves.   Now they can begin the tedious job of cutting the plaster down to the brick so that the conduit can be placed within the walls.


We expect to be ready for the plumbing rough inspection on Monday.  The below the floor framing will also be called for Monday.  Then we can install the sub-floor and get ready for the plumbing top out inspection.  We expect the electrical to be ready for inspection one week later.  We could have had it ready for inspection on Thursday or Friday of next week but with the Fourth of July holiday, that isn't happening. City of Highland Park offices will be closed. 

The plumbing top out has been done for the Daughter's Bath and is now ready to be inspected but we won't call for that until the rest is ready.  

The custom awning pricing is underway as well as countless other details.  The finish materials are beginning to arrive which is always very exciting. 

More Friday!