Highland Park Renovation

Today the work continues with the plumbers and the electricians.  The electrical demolition that was required to complete the framing for the Daughter's Bath has now been completed.  It is more complicated than most since the electrical is all in hard conduit.   As you can see below, the pipe for the switches must all be relocated as well as the conduit in the wall that is being removed near the shower.


The plumbing rough for the Daughter's Shower has been completed with the valves installed as well as the riser for the head.  The shower drain is also now in place.  We have also laid out the lights that will be added in the room.

The gas line leak work has continued.  We found four leaks (one major and three minor) as indicated in the images below.  Additionally two of the valves need to be replaced as they are damaged. But fortunately the leaks all appear to be above ground.  Thursday we will reconnect the lines to the house and begin testing the house for any leaks.  We test the lines at a higher pressure than the gas is delivered to be sure.   The leaking joints are indicated below.

Now that the rough plumbing has been removed from the floor space under the Son's Bath, we are able to replace the framing that has been so badly compromised by multiple renovations over the past 90 years.  You can see how difficult the situation was below.  We also traced down a few copper lines the disappeared into the walls that ultimately fed fixtures that were no longer in existence.   

Thursday the painters arrive.  You look at the photos and think "What on earth?" but there are many parts of the house that are receiving minor updates.  They also need to be painted.  In order to keep the job moving along and have the Clients move in as soon as possible, we are fast tracking the work.  That means that anything that is not being torn out that is being painted can be sanded and prepared for painting.  Except of course for the dusting.  More on Thursday.