Highland Park Renovation

We have begun another exciting project close to home in Highland Park, Texas.  A completely new space plan and renovation of a Kitchen, Laundry, Breakfast Room, Son's Bath and Daughter's Suite.  The primary demolition is complete and the new framing is going in.  The plumbers began today to trace a gas leak in the system.  We haven't put the entire house under a pressure test but in the back yard, the pressure dropped 4 pounds in under 10 minutes.   

The gas line runs from the meter underground to the pool equipment, then on the the main house where it then junctions to head off to the gas grill and the fireplace.  The gas line is disconnected from the house and then each section is tested to determine which ones are leaking.  Once this is resolved, then the entire house will be put under pressure to insure that there are no gas leaks inside. 

This home was originally built in the late 1920's.  Of course it has been remodeled many times.  That is where most issues occur.  In the area that was a small second floor bath, we will be installing a new bath for the young man of the family.  This space was once a closet, then a bath, then a laundry room and then again a bath.  Each time the room was reworked, the plumbing was added onto until we now have a big bowl of copper spaghetti.  Additionally, each time the plumbing was moved, the floor joists were drilled, cut and hacked away at.  After removing the old tile, concrete base and sub-floor, we have come across what is called in the business "undisclosed conditions".  Always a good thing to plan for in a house of this vintage.  Take a look below at the before images. 


So all of this will be removed, the framing issues addressed, the plumbing replaced properly and brought up to code.  Keep in mind that there are far more pipes in this space than we need now and the floor system has been severely weakened.  Of course the old floor was mostly being held in place by the bed of concrete into which the tiles were set.

We have also framed up the Daughter's Bath.  We modified the original plan to somewhat reduce the size of the closet and increase the size of the bath.  We now have room for a requested pocket door.  We have also come up with a clever way to address the storage needs in the toilet closet even with the sloped ceiling.  The current bearing wall in front of the new shower space will have a header installed and will be raised into the flat ceiling area above the shower.   You may click each image to enlarge.

Lots more to come.  Tuesday, more plumbers and electricians as the "Rough" continues.  As always, I welcome your comments and questions.