Day Thirty-Six: Cousteau Renovation

Wood floor repairs, infill and refinishing began today

The wood flooring specialists from PDL Designs (a to the trade flooring company in Dallas) arrived in Austin bright and early to get the next phase of the project underway.  Infilling the areas where the wood flooring didn't exist (under old cabinets for instance) and areas where the flooring was damaged was done by one of the three techs while the other two began sanding and filling.

The raw wood you see above was under a window seat adjacent to the old TV cabinet.  Individual strips are removed, the plywood underlayment extended and new wood is "toothed in".  The leaves an invisible patch when the floor is refinished.  We did this in the Family Room and Breakfast Room.  In the Library, the wood flooring was 3/8" direct glue down material which required great care during the sanding process to avoid cutting too deep and revealing the engineered core of the planks.


One of the great inventions of the past few years are the "dustless" systems that floor  finishers can now use to suck up the dust as soon as the machines create it.  A very large truck mounted vacuum is attached to hoses for each tool and does an amazing job of keeping the house clean.  In the "olden days" floor sanding left a thick coating of dust on every surface of the house. Not any more.


The work has wrapped up for the day but stain samples are next.  They must be seen immediately after they are applied before they dry.  This wet stain gives the right depth of color that will eventually result after the sealer and floor finish coats are applied.

A big change by the end of the day Thursday.  Sanding wraps up, stain is applied and the first coat of sealer as well.  As always, your comments and questions are invited.