Day Thirty-Five: Cousteau Renovation

While awaiting the arrival of the wood floor finishers on Wednesday, we took care of odds and ends on the Austin project.  More cabinet pulls were installed, the Overall Plumbing arrived from Dallas, mirror and beveled glass measurements were verified and we are one day closer to completion.

In the "what were they thinking" category for today, Larry (the plumber) let me know that the fauceting in the Laundry Room (which sprays water out its corroded spout) can not be removed from the sink.  Apparently when the "individual" (there are other names not used in polite society) installed the faucet, they thought it a good idea to epoxy it to the sink.  This makes it impossible to remove.  Fortunately it is a drop in sink and so not a big expense to replace but the trick is finding one exactly the correct size since I have no way of easily cutting the counter top to accommodate anything else.  Not my favorite kind of shopping but shopping all the same.

It was determined that the drain under the East Guest Bath tub was clogged with roots and has now been cleared.  A little rock salt in the trap will help that to avoid a recurrence. especially in a tub that sees long periods of inactivity.  The toilet in the Powder Room was also replaced to stop the long term leak that has damaged the flooring.

Moving Day is set.  The team from White Glove Delivery and Storage in Dallas will arrive with the furnishings from the warehouse that have been accumulated over the past 5 months and will install them May 17th.

Since there isn't much in the way of photographic progress to share today, here is the next best thing: a photo of my little boy Buddy....the best friend ever!