Day Thirty-Three & Thirty-Four: Cousteau Renovations

The painters have finished all but a small amount of punch out and touch ups which will be required at the very end of the project.  They wrapped up on Friday and have returned to Dallas where they will be starting a new project for me on Wednesday.

The Kitchen cabinetry has been glazed, the Master Ceiling completed and all the rooms are now complete, the paper and plastic gone.

I am really looking forward to having good photos of the project.  The iPhone pics make the house seem dark and heavy, but in reality it is not.  Of course, having half as many light bulbs installed doesn't help matters.  

Today all the surface mount lights were delivered from Dallas including the pair of lanterns (one shown below) for the Breakfast Room.


The HVAC trim out was done today with Robert Nichelson traveling in from Dallas to wrap things up.  The house now has new duct work, furnaces and compressors.  We have also enameled the supply grills to match the surfaces in which they are installed.  The house also has three Nest thermostats.  These are really great.  The system can now be controlled from my Client's iPhone.  Out of town and forget to tell the system?  No problem.  The screen on the the thermostat is black but when you approach, it turns on and is very intuitive to operate.  If you use your phone as an alarm clock as I do, you can reach over to the nightstand and adjust the system without leaving the bed.  It even learns your habits and raises and lowers temperatures as you would. A screen shot of the desktop interface is shown below.  You can also track energy use.  A very cool device.

Tuesday is a swing day.  The wood floor finishers may be coming later in the day, but Wednesday for sure.  They will wrap up on Friday or Saturday (depending on humidity etc) and then carpet installation on Monday.  Then it house cleaning and the installation of the draperies (which ship May 10th) and all the furnishings for the house.  I am hoping to be joined by a fellow DEMA member.  If he is unable to be in town, the Lone Ranger will be hard at it three or four days cleaning away.  But hardly the first time.  I will continue to post photos and text up to the day we start the installation but then the blog goes temporarily black.  Once the house has been revealed to my Client, I will then share the results with you.  While she has approved every piece of furniture and every square yard of fabric and leather, the end result is to be a big surprise.  I want her to see it completed rather than piecemeal.  But don't fret (or Frette as the case may be), the entire project will be posted for you to see the day after she arrives home.  Have a great day!