Days Forty & Forty-One: Cousteau Renovation

Let there be light (s)!

Lots of progress over the past two days including more hardware, lots and lots of cleaning and the electrical trim out.

The many decorative fixtures have now been installed in the various rooms including the 5' diameter iron chandelier in the Living Room, three steel mesh pendants in the Dining Room and Moroccan fixtures in the Master Bedroom, Family Room and Breakfast Rooms.  The sconces and chandelier have also been installed in the North East Guest Room.  The Master Bath formerly had a single can over each of the dual sinks, but now pendant lights provides light were it does the most good: to the left and right of the face.  The new LED lights installed nearly throughout the house are bright and the color rendering beautiful.  They also have the most wonderful magnetic trims which we chose in bronze as well as satin nickel to accentuate the spaces in which they were used.  LEDs are now available in MR-16 lamps which were formerly only available in halogen.  These are the half round back with flat face bulbs which have two pin connectors on the mounting side.  They gave off huge amounts of heat and often caused the actual fixture to yellow in time.  We have used the LED version to accent the  artworks in the Entry.

We have also completed the installation of the frosted film on the Master Bath window sashes as well as on the large casement windows in the East and West Guest Baths.  It is now possible to leave the shutter slats open in those rooms allowing lots of light and still maintaining privacy.

The pressure washing of the pool deck was done as well.  While not as good as new, it is a huge improvement from where it began. You can see a before / after image at the right.

The insulators arrived to apply the new Celbar cellulose insulation in the attic.  The difference was immediately apparent.  This premium product does not contain Ammonia additives, asbestos, mineral fibers or formaldehyde.  It doesn't settle or pack down.  It is is a recycled material created from newspapers, cardboard and borates.  Highly bug retardant.  It doesn't itch and it is fire resistant.  It won't mold or mildew.  Really great stuff.  Notice how nicely it was formed into banks at the sides of the walkways in the attic.  They also used recycled denim to create the batt insulation which was applied to the knee walls as needed.  It was also attached to the back side of the attic stairway.  Payless Insulation did a really wonderful job from start to clean-up.

Thursday will be my final post with much in the way of photos until the project has been revealed to the Client.  Once she has seen it complete for the first time,  I can then share the photos with you.  Glass and mirror installation on Thursday.  The draperies installation begins.  Friday the first round of furniture arrives from Dallas.  Monday, more draperies and cleaning.  Tuesday the stored furniture will arrive along with all the Client's belongings which were packed and stored.  Unpacking will occur the same day.  I will return to Dallas for a meeting on Wednesday at 1:00 and then back to Austin the same day.  Thursday and Friday are the paint touch up days as well as any final touches.  The Client may return as soon as Saturday.  A very busy week coming up!  

Questions or comments are always welcome!