Day Sixteen: Cousteau Renovations

Prep, prep, prep.

My day here generally begins around 4:45.  Wake up, get coffee and get going on emails.  Around 6:00 I fix breakfast (shredded wheat and blueberries today) along with my staple of peanut butter on white toast (crispy please).  Since we are camping in the house while the work progresses, I hear the cheery voices of the four man paint crew around 7:30.  They generally eat breakfast (no coffee for this bunch) and actually put hands to work about 8:45.  But once they start, there is no stopping them.  They work until a very hearty lunch around 2 and are back at work by 2:45.  It is 9:30pm  and they will be working at least another hour.  Quality and dedication.  THAT is why I asked that they come all the way from Dallas to work with me on this project.  I'm a fan.

We turned the heat on today.  With the insulation gone from the attic and a front blowing in, there is no way the paint would properly dry without warm diffused air.  But drying nicely it is.  The black mouldings in the North East Guest Room are pretty spectacular.  The White Flour moldings in the North Guest Room also look great.    After a good nine hours of prep, we are now painting the Bronze millwork in the Master and all of the interior doors.  Mouse over the images to read about each.

In the early days of the internet, there was the link going around that when you clicked it, a picture of a old time pretty girl would come up which filled about 20% of the screen.  It also played a soft little song and said to turn up your speakers.  After about 20s seconds a LOUD bloodcurdling scream came out and the pretty little picture suddenly filled the screen with a eyeless witch head that invariably nearly knocked me out of my chair.  I tell you this so when you click the video below, the sound of the rig doesn't send hit you the same way.

Omar (the crew leader and painting maestro) told me that the video yesterday was way too short.  So here is a longer clip of Omar in action.  Notice how the spray head never stops moving and flicks delicately away at the end of the strokes.  Its a little bit like conducting I think.  

I leave for LA at 5:00 am to check out the custom pieces for this project, draperies for another, shop for accessories and visit the Pratesi shop on Melrose.  Then off to Dallas for a day and back here Tuesday.  So lots to see when I get back.  Thanks for following along with the Austin adventure.  See you Tuesday!