Days Twenty-Two & Twenty-Three: Cousteau Renovation


It's Official!

I am in love with Urbane Bronze Interior Doors.  They could not look any better than they do.  I really appreciate my Client being brave enough to let me do them.  Other folks may have said "green-brown doors INSIDE my house?"  A great client in Richardson, Texas let me do a couple of them, but this is the first time I have been able to make them "building standard" for a project and they are great.  You can see a pair of them in the gallery below which shows the prep that has gone on the last two days in the Kitchen, Dining Room and Entry.  Fill, sand, fill, sand, clean, vacuum, caulk.  Not for those afraid of commitment.  And when doing any prep in a Kitchen (or any room really in a house with gas heat) there is a thin layer of grease on everything.  Every bit of that must be removed to get a good bond.  I am posting now, because once they start spraying today, the tents go up and I won't have access to show you color.  Take a look below and see what has been prepped for painting at tonight's party.

Last night the first color coat went on all the doors and drawers in West end of the house, both Urbane Bronze and Agreeable Gray.

The Electricians were here today and made great progress.  They will finish up in the morning and then return to Dallas.  Lots of odds and ends but most importantly they took apart the large spaghetti filled junction boxes in the attic and tightened the connections and replaced all the connectors that had been incorrectly used.  I feel pretty lucky that we found only one other really severe (read scary dangerous) connection that had melted.  But we are all good now.  A few more tweaks and we are all set.  And Thursday I get to show you COLOR!