Day Twenty One: Cousteau Renovation

Papel de Lija

Lots and lots of sandpaper in the trash bags, cause like I keep saying, it is all about the prep work.  Not a lot of exciting things to see today but it is good to know that the enamel work is done in the East Hall, the East Guest Room and the Northeast Guest Room.  The enamel is also complete in the Library so all that needs to be done are the walls.

So what are we sanding, filling and priming today?  First, the new wood that was installed in the ceiling of the Family Room was primed.  That is the last bit of raw wood in the house.  

Since I keep taking pictures of Jose (The Sanding King) from the back, I figured I should at least once get him to turn around.  He sands, Isaiah fills and Omar does some of both but is primarily the master of the spray rig.  What pile are we working on now?  The doors and drawers from the Kitchen and Laundry Room.  Notice that when they use the orbital sander, it is attached to a vacuum cleaner which really does cut down on the dust.

More painting on Tuesday and Tuesday evening the Electricians arrive to get an early start on the issues in the attic.  Now that it has been cleaned (really really cleaned) we can address the problems we discovered there.  Of course, since it is so very clean, it will be easy to keep it that way. In the next day or so, we will be moving out of the West Guest Room, and my lair back in the the store room, so that they may begin the enamel work in the the West Hall, Bath, Closets and Trophy Room.  Happy days!

Leave me your comments and questions.  I'm always happy to answer.  While folks don't comment much, it is good to see just how many repeat readers come back every day.  I appreciate it!