Day Thirteen: Cousteau Renovations

"Hey wait a minute....what happened to Day Twelve??"

you are probably asking about now.  Thursday night was a travel night so that I could be back in Dallas for a furniture installation for one of my Clients on Friday.  But back in Austin and "dead after it" today.

Fifteen gallons of primer down and two more to go.  But all the millwork and cabinetry have now been primed and filled.  The job of sanding, and sanding and sanding is now underway.

We are now fully staffed as Alejandro has joined us here in Austin along with the return of crew chief Omar, Isaiah and Jose.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you see all the shelves and doors in piles around the house as they go through the prep process.  

The job of filling each joint and nick in the cabinetry so that it is super smooth is pretty tedious but all this prep is what makes these guys really great.  A two part epoxy is used (see Isaiah below) and then each bit of woodwork is inspected and retouched by Omar with his trusty 150 watt light.

There are literally thousands of square feet of plastic and paper used to cover other surfaces in the house, not the least of which are the stone walls.  Have you ever tried to get tape to stick to a rough stone surface and yet not leave residue?  No small feat!

More Tuesday as I reply to Omar's question "Do we really have 11 colors of enamel in this monochromatic house?".