Day Eight: Cousteau Renovations

Don't ya love it when a plan comes together...

Sometimes that's what it takes.  Fortunately, we already have a great view here so the bearing walls are safe.

Omar and his team from Deboe Painting arrived to day and went to work as soon as they had unpacked.  First on the list was skimming out the walls from which we had removed the wallpaper in the, soon to be, Blue Guest Room.  This will make it possible for Dale Buchanan to get the panel moulding, and wainscot installed on Tuesday.

The niche for the Snakewood Panel was modified today to its final configuration so the drywall finishing can begin.  We will texture the sides and top to match the surrounding walls but do the back wall in a slick finish to accept the accent color that will be applied behind the panel.  Note the clever way that the niche is centered under an existing can ( a new trim will be used) in a beam that is centered as well.  You would almost think I planned it that way.  But even I can't do with the required HVAC grills.

Nathan arrived to remove the wallpaper in the Powder Room.  Goodbye Cheetah.

We also eliminated the dated sheet mirrors (as opposed to modern sheet mirrors) so that a handsome framed one can be used.  Removing wallpaper can be practically an archeological experience.  What can you imagine about the personalities of the previous owners?  The amazing thing to me is the total disconnect between these papers and the overall style of the house.

The Family Room's former entertainment cabinet is just a memory.  The plank wood ceiling has been replaced wall to wall.

The Gibraltor countertop for the built-in desk in the Library is now in place with over 50" of knee space.  All but one of the shelves for the bookcases have arrived and the Dupont base has been installed.

While I'm not a cook (the recycling bin is overflowing with Progresso soup cans) I'm a nut about pantries.  Probably because I see them as big filing cabinets for food.  The old pantry was a few 24" shelves about 18" apart.  Really pointless and very typical.  The new cabinetry was brought along for installation today.  Dale Buchanan is very good at making all the required dimensions fit.  When designing a pantry, I inventory and interview my clients to really find out exactly what their needs are.  With this pantry, everything from cases of water to jars of Wasabi Mustard can be stored, rotated (to prevent needless expiration dates passing) and inventoried for shopping trips.  Yep, I love a great pantry.  By the way, in the photo of Daniel installing the last bits of top trim, you can see that the huge Baroque bronze sconce with silk shades and beaded fringe has hit the road.  That really falls under the "what where they thinking" category.

The countertop for the bar cabinetry arrived, as did the body for Master Bedroom entertainment center.  We will share those Tuesday along with more from Cousteau.