Day Two: Renovations on Cousteau

The day started early with the return of White Glove Storage and Delivery to continue the packing up of the house and removal of items too valuable to be stored on site.  At the same time Dale Buchanan and his posse arrived with a few thousand pounds of cabinetry.  The crew made short work of unloading and got right to work on the demolition of the old cabinetry.  As always, there are surprises.  The cabinet in the Breakfast Room (an addition to the original house) was sitting on 2 x 4's that we laid upon the old porch floor foundation.  As always, mouse over the images to read more about them.

You can see the exposed aggregate of the porch beneath the stud.  The black is the roofing felt which is used as a membrane beneath a sub-floor in when wood is being laid directly on concrete.

The room seems much larger with the old cabinet removed.  It was built in the days when televisions were the size of small cars.

Likewise the old built in which held a large projection screen television in the Family Room is gone.  The window seats are also history.  This allows us to flip the seating in the room into a much more workable arrangement and allow the new television to be seen from the Kitchen.  We had hoped that the wood plank ceiling had continued through but no such luck.  But that is "no hill for a climber" so we will infill it to match.  The floor will also require patching however it is handled in a way very different than the Breakfast Room.  The areas that need infill are close to and parallel with the wall so we will most likely remove the boards the width of the room and replace for a seamless installation.

The new Entertainment Cabinet in the Family Room is made of six primary parts as well as crown, counter top edge details and applied base for an unfitted furniture appearance.  Here is in progress.

An articulating arm will be mounted in the center to carry the television and allow it to be angled most comfortably for viewing in the Kitchen as well.

The Library had cabinets that offered little in terms of storage. But they are gone now and the new ones will be installed Saturday.  It is odd the way the old cabinets had been framed.

Today brought a lot more than this.  Most of the cabinetry in the Dining Room is now gone.  The overwrought draperies in the Master Bedroom are also out the door.  The new hanging for the Laundry Room is installed, the old built-in the Living Room is almost gone and the new Breakfast Room cabinetry is coming along well.  No rest for the wicked and we will be back at it Saturday and Sunday until the crew returns to Dallas.  Sometimes it is easier to show just how much was accomplished today by what went out then by what went it.


And just because I can't leave you today with a photo of a trash is a peek at the new cabinetry for the Breakfast Room.  I feel a dish collection coming on....

More mañana!