Parakeet It Is!

Even on a gray rainy day in Dallas, there is plenty going on in the Highland Park house.  The final color coat was completed on the exterior and the much discussed porch accent color has now been applied.  One of the problems with the exterior of this 1970's home was the lack of a clear entrance.  It is pretty easy to tell where the front door is located now.

Click on the images to view full size.  The final color coat (Sherwin Williams Suitable Brown) will be applied to the chimney as soon as the rain and sleet relent.  The color will be one shade deeper than the body (Adaptive Shade) but lighter than the soffit and facia (Enduring Bronze).  Just a couple weeks away from completing the interior and looking forward to sharing the results.

New exterior lighting fixtures and a front door are also on their way.  Once the interior construction is complete, the window shades will no longer be so helter skelter.