Durango Renovation - Day Thirty

Back from the Thanksgiving Holiday and hard at work in Durango as the renovation continues  

The cabinet makers returned today to install more of the cabinetry details including the curved wall that is beneath the overhang at the the island.  Matt works on it below.

Why the difference in the height of the wall and the adjacent cabinets?  There are cleats that support the quartz counter top that will be installed on Thursday (the same day that the tops will be installed).  This wall is a huge improvement over the very deep shelf that was there earlier.

Dan is working on the touch latches for the upper doors on the new wall cabinet.  We had only a finite number of pulls that we could "harvest" from the old cabinets and "borrow" from the laundry room cabinetry.  Since these high upper cabinets will require a step ladder to access under the best of circumstances, we treated them like panels and used touch latches to keep them in place.  A tiny tap and they spring open.


I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with the satellite provider and was able to resolve the issue with the receiver and now it is working for most channels.  There are problems with a few still but the tech (via phone) says I probably need to clear the snow (honest outdoors snow not TV picture snow) from the area around the dish to insure that it is fully clear.  But first I have to figure out where the dish is located!  The TV looks good and the cabinet will allow for an even larger one when the day comes.  The cabinet pulls have also been installed.

The Mud Room is heavily used in this mountain house and the old coat rack was not working well.  As best I remember it was a man in a boat with a fishing rod.  The new Oak panel is fitted with bronze hooks that are strong and of such a size that even the bulkiest down jacket, scarves and hats will hang nicely.  There is even a contrasting bench with a reclaimed rug pillow to use for the removal of shoes.  It made a prettier picture when I had coats on all the hooks but that doesn't really do much in terms of illustrating what we have installed.  The hook placement looks a little random until the coats are on it.  They must not hang on the adjacent countertop nor block the edge of the door to the Garage.  The light switch must also be easily found.

As I indicated before, the curved wall for the bar is now complete along with the adjacent toe kicks.

The display/storage cabinet is now complete as well with the exception of the glass inserts for the upper doors.  The silicon used to attach the glass didn't play well with the lacquer on the cabinets so we are using glass stops to hold the glass in place.  The display cabinet over the wine rack still needs door stop and the glass shelves which will be delivered on Thursday when the woodworkers return to install the cleats in conjunction with the counter top installation.  Here is also a view of the wall cabinet sans carpenter.

The new drawer microwave is installed and operating.  I won't remove all the safety film until the bulk of the traffic is out of the house.

We have counter tops on Thursday, Plumber to set sinks and faucets on Friday.  The electrician is also coming to determine what all needs to be done to install the Automatic Transfer Switch for the generator.  Wednesday is another cleaning day and the day dedicated to washing new linens for all the beds.  Idle hands...

More soon!