Durango Renovation - Day Thirty-Five

A big day on the mountain that began with the arrival of all the new upholstered furniture. Due to the difficult access all 18 pieces were shipped to a moving company in Durango which then transferred them to a smaller truck.  The movers also brought a four wheel drive pick up into which each piece was transferred again for the trip up the hill.  Four men and four house later, all the pieces are in place.

The accessory work isn't complete (nor are the Christmas decorations) but we are well underway.  There are lamps and occasional tables also in route.

The client's caretaker also came to split the log slices that have been curing for a couple years in the front courtyard.  It's nice to have them out of the way.

The electricians arrived and installed the automatic transfer switch for the generator so even should the power fail in a storm, the critical systems will continue to operate.  Powered by propane, the house is now ready for any circumstance.

The last of the linen organizing has been completed and all is ready for donation.  Trips to Home Depot, Walmart (a person needs paper towels) Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Pier One wrapped up the day.  More accessories should arrive from Dallas with the UPS man on Friday.

A three man crew will be hard a work cleaning and fine tuning on friday with another arriving on Saturday to do the detailed cleaning.

More to come!