Durango Renovation - Day Thirty-Four

Today the Bradford Stewart painting, which we wrangled up to the house yesterday, was installed.  Everybody needs an 8' x 8' painting over their seating area.  Just be sure they have a way to get something that big in the house.  Thankfully, the double doors just allow it in.  The piece is painted on board with a wood frame rather than stretched canvas.  By careful measurements and by locating the wall studs, we were able to place blocks on the wall which inset into the painting frame to properly support it and allow it to lay flat upon the wall. Josh Dearien and his crew were great in helping with the project.

The great plumbers from Mile High Plumbing  also arrived to install the kitchen sink and touch faucet, the island sink and touch faucet, the Mud Room faucet and helped to light the pilot light for the fireplace in the Master Suite. The new dishwasher is my favorite Bosch model.  The machine is so quiet that you literally can not tell that it is running.  So to let you know, there is an LED read-out projected onto the floor which shows how many minutes are left in the cycle.  Very high tech.  We also hung a few more pieces of the clients' existing art around the house.

Since everything looks better with sparkling windows, we had the window washers out and what a job they did!  These really are million dollar views now!  By the way, the small black hole you see out in the ice is made by a family of otters who seem to have missed the memo regarding how cold that water is.  They love Winter sports.

We also recently installed an upholstered leather headboard for the Guest Suite and today got that bed made. The room looks far better than my iPhone photos represent.  Lamps will be coming this weekend.  It was a full day job, but the office has now been cleaned, and is ready for the clients to organize.

Another big day (one of the biggest) on Thursday when hundreds of pieces of upholstered furniture will be delivered.  Okay, not hundreds, but eighteen pieces and that will make a big statement.  We can then begin accessory placement in earnest.  I can't wait to share the photos with you!  This is gonna be one very handsome and comfortable home.

Have a great evening!