Durango Renovation - Day Thirty-three

More exciting things are coming together at the Durango mountain house.  Today the balance of the insulated shades were installed.  The one exception is the special arch top reverse pull shade for the Guest Suite.  We are also replacing some of the cord holders with weights to make the shades easier to operate.  The color is perfect.

I tried an experiment last night with the function of the shades.  The house has radiant i floor heating.  The Son's Room has two exterior walls and twice the number of windows in the Daughter's Room.  The thermostat for this part of the house is located in his room.  However, since his room is so much cooler, the thermostat tells the system to run even when the Daughter's Room is uncomfortably warm.  Well no longer.  There is very little temperature difference in the two suites now.

The large painting for the Living Room was also delivered from Los Angeles.  The 18 wheeler which brought it could not possibly make it up to the house from the highway but thanks to the help of a local general contractor, we were able to transfer it into a trailer and move it up.  The 350 lb crate was moved into the Garage and opened.  The painting made the trip safely.

The glass inserts for the cabinet doors and the additional pantry shelves also arrived.

But the big news is that the quartz counter tops for the Kitchen have now been installed. The templates for the slab back splashes have also been made so they will soon be on the way.  

Wednesday we have plumbers, more cleaning and the artwork is to be hung.  Look for an update Wednesday evening!