Durango Renovation - Day Twenty Eight

Lots of cool things at the Durango house today.  The appliances were all delivered, the garage is 75% empty now and the cabinetry work is almost at an end.  The hard core cleaning has begun.

The media cabinet in the Living Room is now complete and the TV has been installed.  The cabinet was designed to accept an even larger TV when the day comes to replace the current HD model.  The Dish is working but I have to figure out why there doesn't appear to be anything by premium channels available.


All of the cabinet doors now have the appropriate catches and most have the required knobs installed.  The glass doors are yet to be completed.  We are adding small frames to the inside of the glass to finish them out in a nicer way.  Here is a before and after of the single upper cabinet in the Kitchen.

The microwave drawer and the refrigerator have now both been installed.  The ref is for additional drinks storage.  We set the cabinets to allow for the largest possible unit.  This also leaves space for a bit of tray storage above and a step ladder to reach those upper pantry shelves.  One of the guys asked me why I didn't get the door with a left handed swing.  Simple.  This allows for greater access to the ref interior.

A little bit more cabinet work to be done, some electrical fine tuning and a lot of furniture deliveries yet to go.  I am headed to Dallas for Thanksgiving so not much over the next week but we have counter tops, plumbing fixtures, window treatments and more set for the week of my return.  

After several days of snow (over three feet at the ski resort a mile up the road) it was a really beautiful day.  I learned a new term from the local carpenters.  They refer to this a Blue Bird day.  The sky was indeed a shocking blue and the snow really blinding.  I was reassembling some of the Aspen furniture and needed special lag bolts.  I made a trip down to the hardware store in Trimble.  By the time I returned the clouds had lifted from the valley and enveloped the house and surround mountains in a densest fog I had ever seen.  It wasn't possible to even see the lake at foot of the steep hill on which the house is situated.  The weather here changes and fast!


Have a great week!