Another Renovation Project Begins

I'm very excited to be starting the work on the renovation and installation phase of our project north of Durango Colorado. 

With updates to the house and replacement of most of the furniture, there is a lot to do.  Last the night the painters arrived from Dallas (five of them) to begin.  Today, we packed up 99% of the items in cabinets and closets.  Furniture that is being donated was assembled in the Living Room.  It may look like Poltergeist but we did that. 

But with all that gone, the floors are being covered and paint samples which were selected in Dallas will now be tested on the walls here in the very special light of Colorado. 

I felt a little bad for the movers today as they carried down from the third floor Observatory (what I have now learned is called) very heavy Aspen log furniture. 

The beautiful views will only be available outside as we are now covering up the windows as the prep work for a huge paint job begins. 


We have taken a great garage filled with high tech water filtration systems, a huge generator and a whole house radiant floor heating system and turned in to the yard from Sanford and Son.  But, of course, that is only temporary. 

While Pink may be Shelby's signature color, it has to go.  Every wall and ceiling is this house is covered in it and accented by faux verde gris.


So be watching for updates from little room with the amazing views as we transform this house to a really special home. 

In case anyone asks....The Texas Decoratin' Mafia has arrived.