Durango Renovation- Day 12

With the delivery of even more paint (these houses take HUGE quantities) the work continues.  The Great Room and Dining Room are complete along with the Guest Room and the Son's Room.  The Mud Room and Laundry Room as well as the Powder Room are also wrapped. 

They have begun removing the coverings on the windows in the Sun Room and have completed the painting in there. 

They are also cleaning things up in the Mud Room (with a handy floor drain for snowy boots). 

Below you have views of a corner showing how great the floors look with the new color scheme and a view down the Master Suite Staircase. 

Here is an example of how color plays differently on different surfaces.  In most of the rooms, the ceilings are the same color as the walls?  Too monotonous?  Not a chance.  See how different the sample Garrison Gray color appears on these surfaces. 

The prep and priming of all the woodwork in the Office is complete and the beams have all been glazed.  We can now start the color coats on the trim and walls.

Here is a shot of the Powder Room.  You can get a since of how good the Kitchen is going to look.  It has the same color cabinetry and floors.  The quartz counter tops are bit dressier than the tile (and much easier to care for) and the trim will be the same custom color we developed for the rest of the house.  Can't wait to show that to you after it is painted.   

The Guest Suite has its own private staircase.  It is  now complete.   The door is in shadow and is nowhere near that dark in actuality.

The first company came to measure for shades today.  Our second price should come on Wednesday.  The electrician is also due on Wednesday.  The balance of the cabinets which are being replaced were removed today.  The cabinet maker arrived to review the details for the seating area console tables and the media cabinet.  


And wonders of wonders.....THE INTERNET HAS BEEN REPAIRED.  Apparently the very first repairman did something odd inside the box where the lines enter the house which was not caught until it was suggested to today's repairman that he start at the beginning and test it all.  It became obvious pretty quickly.   Very exciting. 


More on Wednesday!