Durango Renovation...It's Coming Right Along!

Today was a busy day!  Lots more of the painting process has moved along.  We are using a product that is not often used here so the local Sherwin Williams had run out and had to order in more.  But as of 2:00pm we have another load of paint on the way to the house.  In the meantime, the window cutting in has continued, many of the glazed doors have been installed and the bathrooms are being painted. 

Take a look at the ceiling in the Great Room.  What a huge change from the Peach or Pink or Pastel Salmon (whatever it was) that was there before.  The stone on the fireplace has now come alive.  The beams are  no longer the plain brown of before. 

One of the points I was making in an earlier post refers to the color of the trim around windows with strong views.   If you have a mid-tone color on the wall, and a lighter trim, the trim is what you see.  But if you have a mid-tone color and use a darker trim, then the view beyond becomes the thing most important.  Case in point below.

Here is the view from the landing outside the Master Suite.  Very much improved.   You can see that the plastic has not yet been removed from the Sun Room windows and there is one tall wall that is the original color.  Hence the need for more of the now famous "Garrison Gray".  The color is one of those great custom mixes that plays gray in some light and warm soft gold in other light.  Pretty much perfect in this environment.

Most of us in the design community have an abhorrence of "bedroom suites" such as those you might find in a motel.  Matching this and that, all in the same faux (or even real) wood.  But a lot of people wouldn't dream of mixing different woods in their millwork.  If I told you that I was using grayed beams, warm brown glazed doors with an undertone of green along with maple floors, you would think it was nuts.  But the reality is that they combination, deftly handled I will say, is very attractive.  

All of the secondary Bathrooms in the house have tiled walls, mirror surrounds and counter tops.  Even with the colored inserts in the tile, the peach walls just made everything tired.  Not anymore.  By selecting a warmer and very pale neutral, the white tile now looks very crisp and the colors are attractive. You can also get a since of how good the warm maple floors will look with this color palette by comparing the wall cabinet in the photo below. 

Speaking of mixing woods, in the Mud Room there is a great cabinet with a Red Oak body, Maple doors and a Mahogany counter top.  It looks great now! 

And just because I never get tired of this view down the gallery to the Lady's Reading Nook, here is another shot with the windows cleared of plastic. 

Today was a busy day of shopping for some case pieces, a new beds for the Master and primary Guest Rooms, appliances, rugs and window shades.  Even more on Tuesday.  We also removed the remaining cabinetry that is being replaced.  Appointments for shade measurements,  cabinetry measurement verification and hinge matching (don't ask) all happens with lots more paint fumes to come.  

Questions and comments are always welcome.