Back in Durango

After a whirlwind trip to the family home in SW Missouri and two days in Dallas measuring for a new project and wrapping details on two others, I am back in beautiful Colorado. 

While this cat was away, the mice were wildly busy.  Before I left for Missouri, the scaffolding was up, most of the demolition was complete and the natural finish woodwork was sanded.  The sanding was quite a project since all of the window sashes, casings, stools and baseboards throughout the house were all in this yellow natural finish.  After sanding, the silicon that had been used to seal all the gaps had to be painstakingly removed.   Then a special sealer applied prior to the primer.

Now all of the woodwork has been primed throughout the house.  Many of the windows and other items that are scheduled for enamel have been prepped and received two coats.  Some have even gotten the clear coat which we apply to deep tone satin finishes to increase durability . 

Here is the state of the trim in the Master Suite.  Each tiny dent or nick in the woodwork is filled and sanded.  The defects are found with the use of a high powered light and close examination.  It is a real labor of love, the it really shows in the resulting finish. 

In addition to the enamel work, the painters (which have traveled from Dallas for this project) have also begun the glazing and refinishing of the structural beams that are used in the house.  The beams previously had a dark chocolate glaze the absorbed the light and at the distances from which most are viewed, looked flat and lifeless.  Not so now. 

You may click the images above to see more.  The first image shows the beams in one of most unique rooms of the house; the third floor observatory.  Yes, we will be replacing the light fixtures.  Next is a close up of more of the finish work that has been done.  One of the things that I am most excited about are the fasteners.  The beams are in reality structural.  So there are lots of metal plates, bolts and nuts and angle irons which hold the house together.  Before, when the beams were flat and dark, none of these could really be seen.  But now, they are.  You can see the prep work beginning for the beams which support the second floor over the Kitchen.  The warm natural wood ceiling in the Kitchen (as well as in the Sun Room) will remain.

All of the old Kiva doors which opened from second floor rooms into the Great Room have been removed.  I thought of them as "Laugh In" doors.  I expected Ruth Buzzi to jump out shouting "Sock It To Me!" any minute.  My client said that she always hated them because she had to warn guests that while they seemed to have privacy, in reality every word spoken in the Principal Guest Room could be heard below.  There was also a pair of them that opened from the Master Bedroom so you can imagine what a nightmare that was.

The pair of doors that connected the Lady's Reading Nook to the Sun Room had been badly damaged by weather and the veneer had delaminated from the doors.  They have now been repaired. 

Nothing that some glue, special clamps and skill can't handle.

As I mentioned before, this great house was unfortunately a sea of peach with turquoise accents.   The warm bark gray color palette really compliments the environment.  These are million dollar views and now get the treatment that they deserve.  You can see the difference in the image below.  Now, I"m good at my job but a photographer I'm not so be kind.  The colors are totally off in these images.  Owing mostly to the acres of red construction paper that are being used to protect the floors so keep that in mind.  We haven't changed from one shade of pink to another. Since the scaffold is up, they are painting the ceilings while working on the beams.  (One of those Kiva Doors is pictured in the last photo.)

As I mentioned before the much of the woodwork has now been enameled including the portions of the Sun Room which are being painted, the base in many room as well as the windows. 

The interior doors for the house have a sand blasted finish that has burned away the soft fibers of the wood leaving a very rustic door.  But they have  been washed (stained) with a very pale turquoise and were not what we needed.   But since we have removed the Kiva doors which had the same treatment, we were able to experiment with to find the exact shade of red to add to cut the green and the finish which would make the doors great.  While the photos aren't the best, take my word for it; they look terrific.  The one to the left is the "before" and the right is "after"

The cabinetry is in the works for the modifications to the kitchen, the media cabinet for the Great Room and the special built ins.   The choice has been made for the counter tops so now those can be scheduled for templates (well once the two island bases arrive).  Lots doing and of course thousands of window shades to be measured and ordered.  Well not exactly "thousands" but lots!

Questions, comments? Always delighted to hear from you.